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EasyHear 5G Beamforming Hearing Aids

5elements - Mini /Ear-Phone like/ Powerful - Inside-The-Ear (ITE)

New Era Hearing Aid! Compact-size powered by award winning 5G beamforming technology. Trendy and contemporary. Wear with ease and comfort. Self-confidence restored.

5G hearing aids, artificial intelligence noise reduction technology, won a number of international technology awards, clinically verified by the University of Hong Kong, 91% agree that it is clearer than previously used models.

Wearing old-style hearing aids, especially when chatting, often misunderstand, such as “flower” as “sand” (Cantonese). The latest hearing aids, shaped like Bluetooth headsets, high-end voice technology, clear voice, detailed original sound, comfortable and confident to wear!

The high-speed processor shortens the delay time, and the sound is transmitted in real time, and the answer is smooth and natural.

Lightweight in-ear design, like a Bluetooth headset, stylish and comfortable, regaining confidence.

Receive sound sources from far and near in all directions, daily life, regain the fun of sound and communication with others.

The University of Hong Kong clinical study on 5G hearing device: 95% users with improved audibility

According to the clinical study with “beamforming” technology for elderly adults by Division of Speech and Hearing Sciences of the University of Hong Kong released on January 2019 by Professor Bradley McPherson, 95% users experienced improved audibility and communication. This study was published on leading science journal (International Journal of Otolaryngology, Volume 2018).



Easier phone conversation



Overall audibility improved



Clearer than previously used models

Award Winning 5G Noise Reduction Technology

The noise reduction effect is up to 90%, and the human voice clearly emerges in the noise

5G Beamforming Technology is a key element in 5G telecommunication communications to achieve superior data transmission speed and accuracy. EasyHear is the world’s first hearing device company to successfully apply 5G beamforming technology to hearing device design. Award winning, patented technology achieves superb noise reduction of 90%, plus largely enhances voice clarity and quality. Now user can experience comfortable listening even in noisy environment.

Principles of "5G Beamforming" in Mobile Communication Technology

Broad signal coverage


Huge energy wastage

Signals are posed to interference

• Weak and diffused transmission results

Restricted to short distance transmission

• Focused coverage

• Point-to-point • Energy saving

• Precise with less interference

• Concise and high energy

• Support long distance transmission

Applied 5G beamforming technology to hearing aids

Disadvantages of old-style hearing aids:

• Sound signal and noise interfere with each other

• Noise obscures the sound

• The noise is annoying

Advantages of 5G hearing aids:

• Centralized reception of high-quality audio signals

• Reduce noise by 90%!

• The dialogue is clear, and the user feels comfortable and natural at home

• Compared with old-style hearing aids, it can collect long-distance audio more effectively

Different styles of 5G beamforming Hearing Aids

5G series styles include back-of-the-ear style, pocket style, open style, and in-ear style. Hearing aid purchases must be carefully tested by professionals for users. In addition to the style and appearance, the purchased product must meet the wearer’s living habits, work needs, sound quality requirements, finger flexibility, etc., in order to fit the most suitable style.

Latest Recommended
5G “Earphone-like” In-the-Ear Hearing Aid
(ITE Hearing Aid)

  • The body is small, the design is stylish and beautiful, and the degree of hiding is high
  • The signal-to-noise ratio is greatly improved, and the voice content is clearly distinguishable
  • Both far and short distances can effectively receive 360-degree sound in all directions
  • It looks like a headset and is almost hidden, regaining the confidence of users
  • Note when buying: Generally similar styles, only suitable for people with moderate hearing loss
  • “EasyHear” 5G hearing aids have greater output and higher noise reduction, suitable for moderately severe people

5G Behind-the-Ear Hearing Aid
(BTE Hearing Aid)

  • 360-degree stereo orientation for front, back, left, and right to receive ambient audio
  • Show meticulously, touch the soul
  • Strong sound amplification ability, suitable for different hearing loss levels
  • The body is slightly larger, easy to wear, suitable for hearing impaired people of different ages, including children and the elderly

Latest Recommended
wowNice – SpeechPlus

  • wowNice, the world’s first 5G noise reduction & Hi-Fi “SpeechPlus” hearing aid
  • In a noisy restaurant-Overlapping conversations-Watching TV with family members-Noisy environment-Meetings-Long distances-In the car-Listening to the phone… You can still enjoy clear “voice enhancement”
  • The first central processor that resembles a human brain, with Hi-Fi-level 24 bit high-definition voice quality, retains the rich details in the original sound, and makes listening to conversations clearer…
  • Connect with people anytime, anywhere

5G Pocket Hearing Aid
(Pocket Hearing Aid)

  • Built-in Bluetooth direct connection function, convenient to listen to the phone, listen to music, and watch the show
  • Large characters on the screen and large buttons make it easy for the elderly to operate
  • Binaural hearing aid, suitable for people with different hearing loss

Professor Ivan Fung shared his experience of using EasyHear 5G Beamforming RIC model in noisy Causeway Bay

Mr. Ivan Fung is the Professor of Architecture & Civil Engineering at the University of Hong Kong. He often needs to communicate with people in challenging environment.

Due to hearing impairment, there were several times he was almost hit by cars. After the birth of his child, he decided to better protect his own safety. Through his personal sharing, Professor Fung wishes to encourage those in-need to seek help from audiological professionals. Thanks to the new generation of hi-tech hearing aid, audibility could be significantly improved with assured comfort. EasyHear Easy Life.

EasyHear 5G beamforming hearing aid | Audition patented noise reduction effect

Winner of various global prestigious awards

Recognised by WITSA and other reputable organizations

EasyHear’s proprietary 5G Beamforming technology has received lots of international ICT awards, including the prestigious Chairman Award by the  “ICT Olympic” WITSA. The award-winning technology has patent registration in over 16 countries and regions.

Hearing Aid Type


For tinnitus

Some hearing impaired people have tinnitus. In addition to hearing aids, tinnitus hearing aids can also provide a soft tinnitus relief function to make the wearer more comfortable.


Wind noise suppression

Many hearing aids amplify the sound of wind (fans, wind when riding in a car). A high-quality product with this function can suppress the wind and make the voice clearer.


Intelligent Technology

Using the latest smart technology, the sound is layered, the noise is carefully removed, the useful sound is amplified, and the function of tracking the human voice is added to improve the output voice quality to unprecedented clarity and fidelity.

Digital hearing aids can output more accurate sound due to the situation of the application, including according to the loss of high and low sounds. And to provide personalized high and low bass supplements, and also make appropriate adjustments in accordance with personal preferences and sensitivity to sound quality.

EasyHear is the world's first Bluetooth hearing aid that can connect to Android and iOS phones. Users can more easily receive calls, radio or other sound transmission files.

Comparison of Bluetooth Hearing Aid Standards

Most of the similar products on the market use low-efficiency "Bluetooth Low Energy" (BLE). The "Clear Listening" has a power-saving smart design and can use the high-performance "Classic Bluetooth".

Classic Bluetooth Hearing Aid

  • The purpose of the establishment of a typical Bluetooth: for fast and stable wireless voice transmission
  • Can be used as wireless music streaming
  • Connection distance: The farthest can be connected to within 100 meters
  • Data transfer rate: up to 3 Mb/s
  • Possess clear voice communication ability: can greatly improve the quality of voice calls and music, and reduce background noise and interference

BLE Hearing Aid

  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is established to save power to transmit data
  • Suitable for general wireless data transmission and control
  • Distance: The maximum distance can be connected to within 30 meters
  • Data transfer rate: 1 Mb/s
  • Clear voice communication ability: No. Easy to disconnect and signal interference
  • Music streaming: Customers need to place a connection device outside their neck to transmit media messages to Bluetooth hearing aids
  • Most of the similar products on the market use low-efficiency "Bluetooth Low Energy" (BLE)

EasyHear has a power-saving smart design. Bluetooth hearing aids use the more efficient "Classic Bluetooth", which can greatly improve the quality of voice calls and music and reduce background noise and interference.

The structure of digital hearing aids is composed of three basic parts, including the microphone is responsible for receiving the sound, and the amplifier and receiver output the processed sound.

The microphone peak can be divided into (1) directional reception-only the front sound is received; (2) 360-degree reception-"EasyHear" adopts the latest 360-degree front and rear radio, not only can the user receive the front sound, but also the vocals, car sounds and sirens behind it will not be missed.

The principle of " EasyHear " hearing aids is not a simple loudspeaker, it only amplifies all sounds including noise.

"EasyHear" digital hearing aids add a high-end sound processor, with breakthrough 5G (Beamforming) vocal tracking and noise reduction technology, the sound is collected in all directions by the microphone, and then transmitted to the chip, and then through smart technology, the sound is detailed Layering, identifying, removing noise, and adjusting and amplifying the volume of the required sound frequency in accordance with the degree and nature of ear damage. The product function is to improve the overall listening and voice comprehension effects of the wearer.

Matters Needing Attention In Product Use

Pay attention to product cleanliness, wipe and wipe off earwax with a cloth every day.

Keep the body dry, don’t wear it to swim or wash the noise; after removing it, it should be placed in a moisture-proof box.

To return from a silent world to a lively life, it takes 2 to 3 weeks to slowly adapt, and gradually increase the time of wearing headphones every day to get used to it.

Fitting And Purchasing Process

According to the test results and the needs of the wearer, set the hearing aid function. The user will wear the hearing aid to test the effects, such as talking with people, listening to the mobile phone, watching TV, etc. Professional staff will also focus on certain areas of hearing loss, such as recognize words with similar pronunciation (the difference between “flower” and “sand”) and dialogue at both ends of the long platform (for people who want to have a meeting or go to church). During the process, careful adjustments will be made to achieve the most ideal listening effect.

Trying on is the key to buying hearing aids. “EasyHear” provides off-street testing services, allowing users to personally experience the patented 5G noise reduction effect. Even in a noisy environment, they can still hear clearly and understand what others are saying and answer freely.

In the process of regaining listening skills for users and the elderly, “EasyHear” walks side by side with users and family members with heart. After purchasing the product, we will make an appointment with the user, and then come to the center in 2 weeksto follow up product usage, adjust settings and solve user problems. Depending on the style of the purchased product, the warranty period ranges from one to three years. A team of experienced “EasyHear” engineers based in Hong Kong will be responsible for maintenance and adjustments. After the warranty period, you can extend the warranty period at a discounted price and continue to enjoy the professional and considerate services provided by the largest hearing product engineer team in Hong Kong.

Hearing aid accessories


The commonly used batteries of the product are divided into 312 batteries and 13 batteries, which are suitable for different hearing aid styles. The battery purchased in “EasyHear” is made in Germany, and the quality is more guaranteed.

Moisture-proof box

The product must be stored in a moisture-proof box to keep it dry. In humid seasons or areas with heavy humidity, an electronic moisture-proof box with ultraviolet sterilization function can be used.

Ear mold service

The role of the ear mold is to seal the sound output by the hearing aid. Ear molds are generally tailor-made molds. If properly maintained, the ear molds can last for 2-3 years.