New Generation HI-Fi “SpeechPlus”

New Generation Hi-Fi Grade "SpeechPlus"

wowNice - SpeechPlus
Speech Enjoyment in Complicated Environments


Overlapping speeches


In noisy restaurant


Watching TV


In group meeting


Riding a car


On telephone


Long distance listening in lecture or place of worship


Speeches from side or back

Award Winning
5G Noise Reduction
Hi-Fi SpeechPlus

Hi-Fi SpeechPlus

  • Hi-Fi grade hardware and software boost speech to preserve full spectrum of speech originality with details.
  • Hi-Fi grade cables enable “stereo”, real time and simultaneous speech transmission to both ears. This is essential for high fidelity speech and genuine interaction in a group.
  • Hearing experience is upgraded from traditional hearing aid’s vintage monotone to Hi-Fi grade speech clarity.
  • Speech clarity in challenging scenario is finally achieved via wowNice – Hi Fi SpeechPlus

5G Beamforming Noise Reduction

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5G Beamforming Technology is a key element in 5G telecommunication communications to achieve superior data transmission speed and accuracy.

EasyHear is the world’s first and only hearing aid company to have successfully applied 5G Beamforming technology to hearing aid.

* Patented technology achieves superb noise reduction of 90%,
* Plus significantly enhances speech clarity and       quality.

* Award winning.

Now you can experience comfortable and clear listening even in noisy and other challenging environments.



Po Ma – 70 year old active lady with profound hearing loss in both ears

” Young people often speak fast and softly. With wowNice, now I can listen and talk with them at ease even in noisy restaurant,so nice to interact with people again.

wowNice is much clearer than other hearing aids in hearing speech. Along the street, I can hear people 2 meters away talking to me. My listening is better than normal people in such situation which is astonishing.”


Kenny – Retired engineer. Wearing hearing aids for more than 8 years. Has severe hearing loss in both ears. 

“Now I can follow group conversation even when friends are speaking from all directions at the same time. In the past, once there were overlapping talks, I couldn’t catch them. Now it is possible. I can even listen to their whispers.

I can now watch videos at home without dialling up the volume, so as not to disturb my family.”

"wow, really nice!“

Date on file : results from a survey conducted with 30 hearing aid users with moderate to severe hearing losses

wowNice MusicPlus -
Perhaps the best hearing aid for music enjoyment

EasyHear firmly believes that music is essential. Therefore we design the first hearing aid with dual equalizers: delivering the best acoustic quality for both speech & music. With independent music EQ, Hi-Fi hardware / software and classic Bluetooth connection, wowNice is probably the best hearing aid for Hi-Fi compatible music enjoyment.  Richness in music, including treble and bass is genuinely presented and never before so enjoyable to user.



Tze Shing – an university student majoring in music. Has been using hearing aids since childhood.

“With wowNice, now the low, middle and high pitches just come back to life. Music notes have never been heard so beautifully. I can now enjoy orchestra performance in a concert hall effortlessly.”

The University of Hong Kong released clinical study results on 5G beamforming hearing aid: 95% users with improved audibility

EasyHear Global Prestigious ICT Awards Winner


Classic Bluetooth connection to smartphone and multimedia

Bluetooth wireless technology allows you to personalize your speech hearing settings through wowNice app. It enables telephone communication and streaming of music from mobile device.

With wowNice, listening and talking over your phone would now be so smooth and clear.

wowNice uniquely uses classic Bluetooth which allows faster, more stable and higher quality audio transmission, enhancing the quality of music enjoyment. Classic Bluetooth also gives stable connections to both iOS and Andoid unlike the deficiencies of BLE used by other hearing aids.

wowNice App

wowNice app is the perfect companion to personalize speech settings as to optimize experiences in different complicated environments.

Group interaction mode, TV mode, noise reduction long distance listening mode are preset modes which could be further customised according to your personal preferences.

wowNice is the first hearing aid in the world to have two independent equalizers for speech setting and music enjoyment. With independent music EQ, you can really enjoy the rhythms and melody of your favourite music.

Through wowNice app, remote fitting and fine-tuning of speech hearing settings are made possible, offering convenient option beyond conventional hearing centre service.

"wow, really nice!“



Stylish and sleek, wowNice is a perfect gadget for young people and active people.



wowNice is conveniently rechargeable.  Keep you hassle-free from handling mini-size battery and the need to buy battery from time to time.


Super High Output Power

wowNice has exceptionally high output power. Catered for moderate to profound hearing loss people.


Remote Care

You can now relax and enjoy closer attention to suit your daily needs through remote caring service. Tuning and adjustment have never been so easy. Book an appointment with us now.

New Generation HI-Fi Grade "SpeechPlus"