User Sharing

User Sharing

Professor Ivan Fung shared and wore EasyHear "5G Beamforming Technology"RIC hearing aid in the downtown area of Causeway Bay. It is handy for daily teaching, family and friends gatherings.

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80-year-old Ms. Ip shared how to improve her life after using "EasyHear" hearing aid

83-year-old Ms. Chan shared that after wearing "EasyHear" hearing aid, she heard the words of others again and no longer rely on other people’s mouth shapes

5G Beamforming Hearing Aid helps Hard of Hearing student in Taiwan.....

Shannen Fernandez (Philipines) using EasyHear 5G beamforming Hearing Aid regains confidence

Patrick (Philippines) using EasyHear 5G beamforming hearing aid to compensate his hearing loss

Professor McPherson announcement of clinical study result using 5G beamforming hearing aid...