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EasyHear was established in Hong Kong in 2005. We are the world’s first company successfully that applied 5G beamforming technology to hearing aids. The technology has significantly improved signal-to-noise ratio which overcome the annoying loud noise problem that plagues traditional hearing aids. Hearing impaired people can rebuild communication and listen clearly with this ground-breaking patented technology.

The brand name ” EasyHear ” not only stands for the new generation of hearing aid but our team’s commitment in serving the hearing impaired community.

Based in Canada & Hong Kong
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EasyHear is the first hearing aid brand with research, development, production and maintenance service all rooted in Canada and Hong Kong. We are committed to serve the hearing impaired community with top notch technology. The first EasyHear was worn by the mother of inventor and founder, Mr. Cheung’s mother. Our brand has been experiencing promising growth and users’ support since then, not only in Canada and Hong Kong but many other countries. EasyHear proprietary award-winning 5G beamforming technology is now registered in 16 countries and regions.

“EasyHear easy life” is made possible with technology advancement. In 2012, EasyHear became the second Hong Kong company, following Octopus, that received the prestigious Chairman’s Award from WITSA, the renowned “ICT Olympics”. Our team has been conducting R&D and technology upgrade for over 14 years. We are committed to accompany hearing impaired people to tackle their problems, rebuild communication and listen to the world again.

"EasyHear" Charity Fund provides hearing aid subsidy

For most hearing-impaired people and the elderly, a suitable hearing aid can help them overcome the obstacles caused by hearing loss, restore the ability to communicate with others, regain self-confidence, and integrate into society.

The “EasyHear” Charity Fund is a government-registered charity organization. It provides subsidies to grassroots people in financial difficulties who may not be able to afford the price of products, and those in need, so that they can lead a normal life. Applicants need to be referred by social workers, fill in the application form together with the required supporting documents, and pass the internal audit of the foundation.

Referrals by social workers are welcome. Enquiries:

3694 8108

EasyHear Hearing Centre


“EasyHear” has been rooted in Hong Kong for 15 years and is committed to fitting extremely low-noise 5G hearing aids and professional hearing assessments for the elderly and hearing-impaired people to help overcome obstacles and rebuild communication and confidence. Breakthrough 5G noise reduction by 90%, human voices clearly emerge, and users feel comfortable and at ease. Clinical evidence from the University of Hong Kong, 95% of users are satisfied with the results.

Provide personalized services


Everyone also has unique needs and living habits. EasyHear Hearing Centre will first carefully understand the needs of you or your family. An appointment is required for the first meeting.

Two hours must be set aside for a careful assessment, and other checks will be done after the medical history has been assessed. According to the results, the center will provide personalized services.

Listening to the sound is very subtle. You or your family need to slowly adjust to the new life. After the first meeting, the client needs to visit the center again to make careful volume adjustments. After that, you can still make an appointment to the center to make adjustments in line with changes in your body and environment.


Family support-visit the hearing center with the user

Family companionship is important, and the use of hearing products can help daily communication. It is an auxiliary tool, and you cannot expect to fully return to normal hearing after wearing it. Family members must give enough time and patience to encourage users to adapt slowly, family members also need to learn new communication skills. Family support and help are important for users to successfully use hearing aid products. Therefore, family members and users are encouraged to visit the hearing center together to learn about the product’s help to users and participate in the product experience and testing.


EasyHear Hearing Centre (Hong Kong) Equipment and Team

“EasyHear” has a high-standard soundproof room to ensure that the ambient sound is below 36 decibels (quieter than the library 45 decibels), in order to achieve more accurate fitting results, … read more

Coupled with advanced fitting equipment and professional team, we can arrange the best products for you and your family.

The “EasyHear” Hearing Centre in Hong Kong, together with mechanical engineers, electronic engineers, and hearing experts from all over the world, continuously research the latest technology to support everyone’s unique needs. Our services cover different parts of the world. In addition to Hong Kong, users can also use hearing centers around the world to get the best service results at any time.

Remote Hearing Center

In 2020, in addition to the physical hearing center, we have added remote services. Through telephone and communication equipment, we can already adjust the best product effect for you and your family remotely.