Hearing Aid Comparison & Price

Old-style analog products
(Analog Hearing Aid)

Noise processing technology is relatively limited. In addition to amplifying the voice, it also amplifies the noise. Since the audio cannot be processed in detail, the voice heard by the user may be noisy, or the user may be harassed by noise and difficult to wear for a long time.

Advantages : cheap to medium price / able to amplify voice.

Disadvantages : The audio cannot be so fine that the user suffers from noise nuisance.

Hearing Aid Price : Hundreds to thousands of dollars

Digital products on the market
(Digital Hearing Aid)

Compared with the old products, the audio processing technology has been continuously improved, so the popularity is higher. The products on the market not only amplify the sound, but also digitally process the sound, which can analyze the voice and other sounds. Through the audio processor and calculation program, the background noise can be reduced, and the listening sound quality can be more detailed.

Advantages : Can analyze speech and other sounds, reduce background noise, and sound more detailed.

Disadvantages :  How much is a General Hearing Aid? The price is expensive, the speech intelligibility and noise reduction technology are still limited, and the noise is still troubled, and the technology still needs continuous improvement.

Hearing Aid Price : From  HK$10,000  to more than HK$50,000

A new generation of 5G " EasyHear " product

With the continuous advancement of technology, the new generation of EasyHear products adopt advanced noise reduction technology, such as 5G “beamforming” technology, which can greatly improve the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR Signal to Noise Ratio). In a noisy environment, you can hear clearer conversations. The new generation of models introduces high-definition tone technology similar to Hi-Fi speakers to improve the problem of sound distortion after entering the product, and “restore” the sound to close to the original sound. Clinical research conducted by the University of Hong Kong, 95% of users are satisfied.

Advantages :

“restore” the sound to close to the original sound. Using advanced noise reduction technology, you can hear clearer conversations.

Hearing aids are reasonably priced and cost-effective (noise reduction up to 90%, strong output, and can be adjusted and used as the body changes over time).

Disadvantages : The new generation of EasyHear technology takes time to become popular.

Hearing Aid Price : From HK$6,000  to more than HK$20,000

How to choose products?

Choose the right type of product

Users need to express their living environment and life needs to hearing experts, and help professionals guide them in making appropriate choices in various product categories. The environment in Hong Kong is particularly noisy, and it is more important to choose quality products.

Choose the right type of product

The main types of products include: high-efficiency noise reduction, tinnitus, Hi-Fi, wind noise suppression styles. Users need to consider the environment used in Hong Kong. The following introductions of various product types can help you compare different functions and make choices.

Function comparison

Output comparison

The output of each product is different, suitable for people with different degrees of hearing problems. “EasyHear” generally has a larger output and can be recommended to most people.

Noise reduction function

Traditional models only amplify all sounds, while new-generation products (such as 5G technology) have high-efficiency noise reduction, which is outstanding. Users need… read more

wear it to compare the clarity of sounds in different environments. The new generation of digital technology, even in a high-noise environment, can still hear the content clearly, break the hearing barrier, and maintain communication with family and friends. Which kind of hearing aid is better in Hong Kong? Noise reduction is the key.

"EasyHear" Charity Fund provides hearing aid subsidy

For most hearing-impaired people and the elderly, a suitable hearing aid can help them overcome the obstacles caused by hearing loss, restore the ability to communicate with others, regain self-confidence, and integrate into society.

The “EasyHear” Charity Fund is a government-registered charity organization. It provides subsidies to grassroots people in financial difficulties who may not be able to afford the price of products, and those in need, so that they can lead a normal life. Applicants need to be referred by social workers, fill in the application form together with the required supporting documents, and pass the internal audit of the foundation.