Elderly Hearing Aids

Audiologist's Sharing

Hearing loss is a common health problem related to ageing but is often being neglected. Elderly’s hearing loss is not only about losing grasp of sound but will affect psychological health. Slow down your speech when talking to elderly and person with hearing impairment. Draw the person’s attention before start talking. Nowadays there are many ways to help audibility. About 90% of hearing impaired would need hearing aids to improve audibility. Dr. Yu calls for public’s attention on elderly hearing problem and to take positive steps. Consult audiological professional advice when hearing loss symptoms arises. To date, only less than 17% people with hearing loss will wear hearing aids. We are striving to improve this situation.

The benefits of hearing aids for the elderly

25 years of scientific research has confirmed that wearing hearing aid for the elderly can help maintain the cognitive ability of the brain. Studies have found that people with hearing problems and wearing them can maintain the same cognitive ability as normal people. On the other hand, people who have ear degeneration but do not want to wear a deaf machine have obvious brain cognitive degeneration.

Recommended hearing aids for the elderly

Products must have excellent noise reduction capabilities, because as we grow older, hearing will gradually become more sensitive to noise. The new generation of EasyHear uses advanced noise reduction technology, such as 5G "beamforming" technology, which effectively improves the signal-to-noise ratio of the product, and the noise reduction effect can be as high as 90%. It can make the voice clear even in strong background noise. It has emerged that even in a noisy environment, users can hear clearer conversations, which is especially suitable for the elderly. In addition, a clinical study by the University of Hong Kong found that 95% of users are satisfied with the product's effects.

Precautions for the selection of the elderly hearing aids

Elderly people with inflexible fingers and mobility, to avoid losing tiny hearing aids, can consider some "wired" devices. There are a variety of hearing aids specially designed for the elderly.

Elderly fitting process

The process of product fitting is not much different from that of ordinary adults. First of all, hearing experts will recommend the most suitable hearing aids to the elderly from the various 5G models of "EasyHear" according to the inspection results, in line with the elder's daily life habits, daily activities, and hearing needs.

Experts will use special computer software to adjust the recommended models for the elderly to try on. In the process, the flexibility of the elderly’s fingers will also be taken into consideration to match appropriate styles to ensure that the elderly or caregivers can handle basic operations. Therefore, when choosing a suitable model, the price of the hearing aid is not a single consideration.

Can use Health Care Voucher to buy hearing aid for the elderly?

At present, the scope of the elderly health care voucher of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government does not include any hearing aids for the elderly.

Hearing aid prices and discounts for the elderly

"EasyHear" pays special attention to the importance of taking care of the hearing of the elderly! Buying hearing aids for the elderly can enjoy multiple discounts! The health care voucher can be reserved for other purposes.