Media Report

Media Report

Aug 9, 2020

“5G Hearing Aid” tested by reporter on TV program

Hong Kong television program “Innovative Technology” interviewed “EasyHear” on 29 July, 2020


  • Introducing the latest “5G Artificial Intelligence Noise Reduction Hearing Aid Technology”, which can enhance point-to-point signal reception.
  • The reporter tested the speech-reception distance on a noisy roadside. Professor Fung, severe impaired, personally verified that he could still hear other people’s speech from behind clearly at a distance of 13 meters. Even a normal hearing person may not be able to do that.
  • If the noise reduction technology of hearing aids is not advance enough, it would greatly affect daily life. User Professor Fung share his experience.

Nov 2, 2019

EasyHear Grand won the honor of "2019’s Choice of Assistive Devices” in Taiwan.

This event was organized by Taipei City Government Social Affairs Bureau. The purpose is to announce excellent manufacturers and promote technologically innovative assistive products. The certificate was presented by Ms. Chen Xuehui, Director. EasyHear’s patented 5G beamforming technology, with 90% noise reduction and excellent performance has won many international awards.

Aug 8, 2019

Hong Kong information technology elite wins the world's highest honor

Oct 29, 2012

Won “Information Technology’s Olympics”, hearing aid with clear sound quality and affordable price