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5G “Earphone-like” In-the-Ear Hearing Aid
(ITE Hearing Aid)

  • The body is small, the design is stylish and beautiful, and the degree of hiding is high
  • The signal-to-noise ratio is greatly improved, and the voice content is clearly distinguishable
  • Both far and short distances can effectively receive 360-degree sound in all directions
  • It looks like a headset and is almost hidden, regaining the confidence of users
  • Note when buying: Generally similar styles, only suitable for people with moderate hearing loss
  • “EasyHear” 5G hearing aids have greater output and higher noise reduction, suitable for moderately severe people


5G Behind-the-Ear Hearing Aid
(BTE Hearing Aid)

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wowNice – SpeechPlus

5G Pocket Hearing Aid
(Pocket Hearing Aid)